quarta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2010

La photo cabine

Sabe aquelas fotos instantâneas de cabine suuper cool que você sempre quis tirar, mas na sua cidade de pobre não tem?
Seus problemas acabaram!
Achei um site na internet que facilita tudo.
Eu já tirei a minha:

Beijos Loreal

PS. Ignorem as pessoas ali atras shuashu XD

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  1. Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.

  2. hi Nicky! :)

    is that your boyfriend?

    i play Lineage II SEA few years back when it was first launched here in Malaysia. at that time i went to the cyber cafe & party leveling with my hubby. it was fun! :D

    few months after that i quit because of lag. i've tried few private servers as well. now i rarely play any MMORPG be it official or private server. when i'm not online, i play other games too such as Sims 3 & The Settlers 5 besides watching anime & drama series. :)

  3. adoro essas fotos.. um dia agente tira umas em uma cabine de verdade =D

    ps.: lineage 2 eh fodastico

  4. hi Nicky! :)

    sure, no problem! i can always use the Google translator. lol!

    what i mean is in the picture, the guy beside you. is he your boyfriend, your friend, your brother or your cousin?

    thanks for adding me on Facebook! :D

    Torchlight? i haven't tried it yet. will play as soon as i've installed. :) my friends said it's like Diablo 2 but i haven't played that too. lol!

    i've just finished playing The Settlers 5. now trying to get the rest of the series to try. :D i still haven't finished playing the Dragon Age Origins & Sims 3. well, i play this & that whenever i'm free. but sometimes some games are just too bored to continue. :P so i try another. lol!

    anyway, whatever you do or planning to do, i hope you're enjoying yourself! :) have a great weekend, Nicky! ;)

  5. Nooo... sem franja branca =O
    diferente ._.



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